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1/32nd Cheetah-Carrera the most recent?


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Walked into a slot car track place here in Glendale, AZ, and the bug returned.

My favorite car from the '60's when I was a kid watching my dad race was probably the Cheetah.

Looks like I missed out on Carrera still selling their's from the searching I have been doing just now.

So am I stuck with Ebay?

I could also use 1/24th on the tracks this guy is running. I'm not looking to be really racing others at this point, just want some track time in with a car or two I love. Not opposed to getting some cars from the 60's, specially the 1/24. That way I can use model bodies.? Not sure what all kits are out there today in 1/32.

I swear I was just curious to see what was close by. I've already bought the step granddaughter a couple of the Mini something Scaletrix sets, Batman /Superman  and Looney Tunes.She wants a bigger track and apparently they don't sell anything other than full sets.  She is 8 and loving this stuff. We are going on a family outing Saturday to the track. Guy also gives vets a good discount. 1.5 hours track time for the price of 1 hour. $5 a half hour, $2 car rental. Analog and digital. Just two tracks, in a small place. I was there saturday and it was dead. He says that is probably his slowest night, which is great for me since I work second shift during the week.




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Unfortunately the Carrera Cheetah has been out of production for a bit. The good news is that it was available in both 1/24 and 1/32 and Carrera does reissue cars on a regular basis. If you're not interested in eBay perhaps joining some slot car forums or Facebook groups to find what you're looking for might be a good idea.

There's a number of good ones out there. In my area Facebook marketplace turns up used tracks from Carrera, Scalextric, etc... so you can get your feet wet rather inexpensively. 

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