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My silver Corvette collection

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The idea came afer finishing the 1958 Corvette C1 by Revell. A very nice kit. I wanted to paint it unusual because it's a kind of boring to see another red with white Corvette. I was looking for something different. So I tumbled over a light gold with black C1. This is what I wanted to paint. Black inserts on Gold. Afterwards I'm glad, that my paint wasn't enough for it. So I decided to paint it silver. The fact, that I hat teh Foose C7 already in my shelf, it would fit perfectly to it. A good plan!

Aditionaly to that, I was thinking about to build each Generation in silver with black. That was the start of the ides to my "Silver Corvette Collection". A look into my shelf was disapointing: only one kit was there - and that was the 4 door C3 by Monogram. No way. I went on to buy a lot of kits in January till March 2019 (34). Now I was able to built my 7 Generations :D

One main Point is, to Show the Evolution of the design of the Corvette. For that reason I decided, to paint them the same Color all over. Nothing has to be different. The design is in the foregroung. I did the same with the Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am in red.

Another Information: they all are painted with the same Color: Revell email #99 to be on the safe side. Every model kit is protected by 2K clear cote. Everything made by airbrush.



The kits, which are already done, will be in order of the "real" year of built.

The kits, which will be built this year will be added whether in order they are built or at the end ot the year. I don't know so far. Definitely I'll add the convertibles this year. The 1975 C3 and 1998 C5 are in Progress.


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Thank you for your kind words! 

I can't await the C8 as a model kit. If I get one as a die cast, I'd by it too. I bought a C7 Convertible as die cast and repainted it in silver. Didn't show pictures here.


On the plan for this year I'll try nearby the convertibles to build the C6R and C7R. I already did the C5R. Two red Corvettes were done to: C6 ZR1 and a C7 built with removable top (clear dark blue) Those three I'm gonna to show next week. 

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Thank you very much!

The same intention on my side: when the 1953 was painted, it looked stange definitaly. Very strange. But after a while, I was pleased with it and asked myself, why GM didn't paint it in silver.


On ‎2‎/‎22‎/‎2020 at 2:02 PM, magicmustang said:

Very nice collection.

I have done a similar grouping but they all are race car versions.

This sounds interessting! After I built the C4R I was asking myself to built more race cars instead the convertibles. Do you have gallery pictures here on mcm?

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8 hours ago, christian-w said:

This sounds interesting! After I built the C4R I was asking myself to built more race cars instead the convertibles. Do you have gallery pictures here on mcm?

Not yet, but I'll try to put one together for you. 

PM sent.

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