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Larry Booth? & his Mustang

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I remember many moons ago in the "other mag", a gentleman by the name of Larry Booth (I certainly hope that was his name & my apologies if it isn't) & a 67-8 fastback Mustang. 

I seem to remember that it had a aluminium? one piece front windscreen trim that he had hand made. 

I can remember? in the article saying people had been given him a "hard time" because of how long he was taking in building it. 

I never seen the Mustang finished, does anyone remember this gentleman & his Mustang? 

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Larry was President of the Maryland Modeler's Automobile Association (MAMA) back in the 90's.. He moved to Texas and he was at last years NNL East.  He is a fantastic builder with great attention to detail.  He did hte masters for some of R&M of MD products including the AMT 67 Mustang.  I'm pretty sure he is a regular at the Salt Lake shows.

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Switching gears just a bit to Larry's Thunderbird Turbo.  He entered it in the NNL East when it was still in a church basement and I rode up to New Jersey from Maryland with Larry and Norm Veber.  The amazing thing was Larry's model was of his 1:1 Thunderbird and the model did not have the wheels ready yet.  He entered it anyway and won!  The only model I have ever seen win a major show without wheels.

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On 2/27/2020 at 11:26 PM, afx said:

Thanks for posting the pictures, it's nice to see what it looks like finished. 

He done an awesome job. 

Thank you to everyone else for your information, unfortunately I live in Oz so meeting the man is out of the question. 

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Agreed....Larry is a top notch builder and his Thunderbird as well as his numerous hot rod subjects are all state of the art builds. His model of his brown colored Mustang was affectionately called "the Turd" by some fellow MAMA club members. Good sense of humor those guys.

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