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Post Traditional: Late '60s Style '34 Ford Pickup

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"Post traditional" seems as good a term as any for what what was happening past the usual cutoff date for the traditional hot rod style (1963-ish?).  It doesn't really tick off the usual traditional boxes, but at the same time, it isn't one we've seen a lot of , those interest seems to be growing. The starting point is a Lindberg '34 Ford pickup, and most of the inspiration is coming from these two rods:


Barry Selfe-3

So the plan is five spoke mags and blue stripe tires if I can find something suitable, with a cedar (stained basswood actually) bed cover for the Northwest look.

Here's a mockup of what I have so far.  I was originally going to just use the wheels from Revell's '32 Ford 5 Window Coupe,  but I ended up using the frame, running gear and fenders as well.  The top has a mild chop, just enough to remove the "Phone booth" look, and the bed has been shortened, though I may shorten it a little more.


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This is an interesting style, and one I've been thinking about dabbling in myself. In the mid-to late 60's when hot rod trends were getting heavily influenced by the muscle car movement. 

I'll be following along with what you've got planned, it sounds pretty cool. The chop looks just right, and i agree that the bed could be just a tad shorter. Perhaps a MM or two beyond the end of the frame horns might be the ticket?

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Some more progress.  I took some more out of the bed, though I didn't want to go for a full bobtail look.   The Model A I used as a reference had a wine cellar in the back, but  I went for something more like a regular bed cover.  I added more of a rear overhang for a gypsy wagon look,   though on reflection, I may trim it back a bit.


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