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marty blackmon

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Hey Guys,   I am new in here but just wanted to reach out to anyone who may be interested in racing model cars with us ??? . . . . we have been racing on and off for appx 40 years and have had the most fun EVER.  We race plastic 1/24 scale nascar model kits.  Today,  most of our guys purchase these cars,  kits and decals thru "Mikes Decals. com"   we are in South Carolina and want to know if anyone wants to come race with us.  We are ALL willing to help you get started and heck . . . . if it's too far for you to come race with us . . . you can easily build a track in your hometown and hold your own events.   Check us out on youtube and see what you think,  and let me know what you think ???? . . . . search youtube for  "Real Model Car Racing"

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I understand your passion, the sad fact is that there just aren’t many of us around. I wanted to reply, but I’m out here in flyover country, 1500 miles away. I race with a regular group of about 8 guys. We have 7 tracks at four different houses. Three road courses and an oval in Omaha, a tri-oval and drag strip in Gretna, NE, and an oval in Wilbur, NE.  We have learned to adapt, example, I’m not a big fan of drag or oval, but I have 10 drag cars and 10 oval cars. We do this for the sake of the club getting together and racing. Having said that we probably wouldn’t be able to get SoDak1 (who posted he last Friday) to come and race with us because he might only like Carrera cars and plastic tracks. If you haven’t yet found other forums look around, Slotblog is where I spend a lot of time and right now there are a couple of threads on growing our sport that you might be interested in, as well as tracks and groups in SC. Good luck and keep it going.


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