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1965 Chevelle SS Z16

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Z16 Painted in Daytona yellow not stock to that year but the color I wanted. MCG detail kit used and several other items as well as a multitude of scratbuilt items. 


















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2 hours ago, Cardz said:

Daytona yellow not stock to that year but the color I wanted

** ...so say the specs**....           But I like everything about your Chevelle!   ...right down to her name! Nice job!

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Beautiful Z-16 !

The 396 that year was unique in its self , as it was rated at 375hp and had hydraulic lifters ( Corvette's 425hp version had solid lifters , IIRC ) . 

Great choice for the wheels and tyres ! 

( side note : I never understood why Chevrolet decided to gussy those Z-16's with a load of options , but then skimp on the differential [ "10 Bolt" , no Posi -- 3.31 gearing , open ] and "saddle" it with power steering and power brakes ! ) 

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Beautiful Chevelle.  Really enjoy looking at all the detail you put into it, even the shopping cart chip in the rear fender.  That year is my holy grail car.  I owned a 283 4V 4 speed one of these and loved it.  Enjoyed some adult beverages one evening and cleaned out a ditch and three fence posts with it.  Put it in a shed at my parents house with plans on rebuilding it someday.  Came home on leave from the USAF one day and found out my father had sold it.

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Like TaeheelRick I have been studying all of the extra detailing you have done on this build. The unique way you displayed the windshield wipers as if the engine was shut off mid swipe and the car keys hanging in the door and I like the hood latch details. I don't think you missed a single wire under the hood. That has to be hard to do without getting the area looking very busy.. I built the same model, and not even close to this one in detail, as a box stock for a show a few years ago. I used a Ford color by Model Master #28102 Phoenician Yellow and found it was pretty close to the Yellow that Chevrolet offered at that time. I pass that along just in case you ever are trying to match that in the future.   

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Very, VERY nice! The bright yellow paint and Cragars peg this as maybe a late '60s-early '70s "Day Two" car, when they would still have been seen as "something special" but not yet universally recognized as the rare collector's items that they are today, restored to within an inch of their lives. Well done and model on! B)

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