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1964 Pontiac Grand Prix


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Spent a little time today working on refining the seats a little.


I found a set of '66 Nova door panels that will not only donate their upholstery for the seat backs, but I can use the front arm rests as well.


The seats will need a bit more tweaking, but I think they're beginning to look a little better.



This is the Nova door panel that I am blowing up to steal parts from.






And the upholstery added to the seat back.










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Fantastic!  I have that same body and chassis sitting in a box waiting for some inspiration.  I was thinking maybe restomod with a modern driveline but maybe that will change now after watching what you do with your great skills on this one.

What do you plan to use for wheels and tires?


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23 hours ago, StevenGuthmiller said:

Don't let this stop you!!

Consider it a sort of "dueling Pontiacs" thing. ;)


I think it would be kind of fun, and we could could share information and maybe a technique or 2 along the way.


How cool, (and confusing) would that be?

2 Steves and their '64 Grand Prixs! :D





Humm ,,,, ?

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As I finish the interior modifications, I've also found some time for some body work.


The vinyl top texture has been removed, as have the door handles and door locks.

All of the body trim is being re-scribed for better definition as well as the panel lines,

I have also began adding missing panel lines, most notably, the cowl lines, as well as the panels around the head and tail lights.


















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Thanks much guys!


Still working on some fabrication and trying to get everything situated as it should be.

I ground out the original radiator brace area and am replacing it with the brace from the '62 Catalina because, well, that's the way it should look. :P



















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On 4/5/2020 at 11:28 PM, Bucky said:

I just checked out those pics. Gorgeous Poncho!! Is that the factory placement for the side view mirror?

I'll have to research that Keith.


Work continues.

I decided that while I was in the process of scribing various aspects of the vehicle, I could just as well take a few minutes and scribe some window channels into the roof.





I then began the task of adding some head liner and interior window trim to the inside of the top.

I did a little of this after the fact on my '68 Olds project, so I decided that it would be infinitely easier to do it before paint if I was going to do it.

I'm going to do it! :D












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