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CH No "i" P Dodge Monaco

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Here is the recent reissue of the Monaco kit , I have to be honest, this kit showed my flaws as a builder, holly **** do I suck something at doing BMF, and my clear coat was BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH , this was paint job #3 I think , yeah, I don't what is going on this year.    I used a set of Fireball's Mopar Police wheels, I used BMF on the caps, turned out ok I think, I panel line marker each hole.  I modified the kit lightbar to have the left rear amber flasher and forward facing steady red .   Made a wip antenna , parts box spotlight and chrome ish mirrors, I know Monaco's had round side view mirrors, I didnt have any.  I also made the CHP map light .  I tried to paint the grills in a more accurate color, Its a big dark , I should of put on the lighter set I painted.


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I think it turned out great.......

I don't know your age but I bet like many of us getting a good build is more and more challenging. I have a cataract I need fixed but my arthritic hands will only get worse. It's frustrating for sure.  It took me an hour to install 4 plastic rivets on a model....and it took 8 of them.....4 launched into space. 


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Nice model Jonathan. I think it looks great. 
Have you tried the technique using tape as a guide for fooling?  Works well on those long straight lines when the x acto blade wants to wander. 

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