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A Trip Through The Studebaker National Museum

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I stopped at and walked through the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana a few weeks ago, and took a few pictures, which can be viewed here:



I was intent on seeing/touching/photographing the Sceptre, so there are more than a few images of that particular car, but I am not into the early Studebaker stuff (wagons, etc.), so I didn't take pictures of anything pre-'48 or so. It was well worth the $10 admission, and as usual, the best stuff is in the basement. 




The other vehicle which was on my must-see list was the prototype truck built for Westinghouse, which never panned out. Still, it was neat to see it in person, after only seeing images of it in books and online:



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I always thought that the Studebaker line was really under appreciated. They were not always the most stylish but often offered some interesting designs. Their durability and engineering rivaled the "Big Three" back in the day. I still think that the purchase of the failing Packard was their undoing along with already being undercapitalized. Thank you for the pictures and a look at what might have been.     

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My father was a Studebaker guy so many years ago I bought a 1963 Lark like the one we had when I was little.

The Studebaker Drivers Club is a great organization, I was a member for years and enjoyed their magazine, especially the reports on rare prototypes they found and restored for the museum.

Id love to scratch built a Zip Van if I can find one to measure someday.

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On 4/1/2020 at 10:45 AM, Tom Geiger said:

Id love to scratch built a Zip Van if I can find one to measure someday.

I'm sure you could make an appointment and take some measurements ?. I think they have some contact info regarding research on the museum website:


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4 hours ago, ratdoggy said:

Surprised the Sceptre was downstairs....

I was worried it wasn't on display, but all the good stuff (IMHO) was in fact, on the lower level. None of the vehicles down there were restored, so it makes sense.

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