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White Freightliner COE day cab dual drive

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Well it is finally finished. I learned a lot from building this one.  I scratch built and modified a number of items. I highly recommend slotting the frame holes for the cab (tilt/pivot) to facilitate the bazzilion times you will take the cab on and off during the build.







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33 minutes ago, Safire6 said:

Wow, beautiful Freightliner! How did you make the antennas?


Steve, I got them from Auslowe. However, I think all they are are organic brush bristles. When I tried to rattle can them white, the paint beaded making the effect look like spiral wrapped fiberglass antennas. The tips were simply dipped in red Testors enamel.

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8 hours ago, grodudulle77 said:

Very nice work with an awesome look !!!???


5 hours ago, BaBaBooey said:

Cool build. There used to be one just like it runnin here. A few bungees holdin the grille together on the one here though.


4 hours ago, DrKerry said:

Wow Bill, not sure how I missed this one but that is one B E A Utiful rig there!!!!!


1 hour ago, Oldmopars said:

Very Very nice. I like this a lot. The black and gold are a great look for this classic rig. The wheel/tire combo are way better than the AMT offerings and really set the truck off. Great job. 

Thank you all for the compliments. No bungeed grille here. I would have went with the AMT wheels and tires but I am building another rig that needed them. The Moebius wheel sets are very nice. It does take some creativity to get them to fit onto metal axles though.

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3 hours ago, ChrisR said:

Nice colour scheme. Great build.


12 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Clean, clean, clean.


45 minutes ago, Hermann Kersten said:

Nice build and an awesome color scheme.




20 minutes ago, Vettegasser said:

Awesome build

Thank you all for the encouragement.

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On 4/8/2020 at 7:17 AM, Jim B said:

That looks awesome!  The black & gold really look great together.  Very well done.


19 hours ago, TECHMAN said:


Don't get any better looking that this!!!!  That Black & Gold are just awesome!!!  Beautiful build!!!!



7 hours ago, Bronzekeg said:

looks great


4 hours ago, Sam I Am said:

Stunning build Bill !  ?

Thanks guys. Being patient during assembly paid off.

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