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1977 Chevy Monza


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Recent "Original Art" series reissue of AMT 1/25th scale kit.

Modifications as followed:

Custom "Aero" front and rear bumper parts that came with Monza were used. GTO style hoot tach bump from unknown source.

Most of LT1 motor from AMT '94 Camaro manifold; oil pan and water pump/pulley pieces came from AMT Monza V8

Custom headers (may have been the ones for the 350 turbo setup) from a MPC 82 Knight Rider Firebird

Custom side exhaust made from scrap plastic sprue and muffler+tip from unknown subject

Ricardo like seats and shiftier from MPC '70 Super Bee Pro Street

Kit came with 3 dashboards, one was a newly tooled piece with better details that was used. Little did I know it was such a poor fitting piece that it required trimming to get in the grooves in the door panels. It worked out, but still Round 2 double check these things!

Wheels are custom ones from a Revell '50 Ford F-150, painted Rustoluem Metallics Pure Gold. Front suspension was lowered as it sat too high, rear was left as-is.

Yet again, front tires are from a Revell Acura RSX, and the wider rears come from what could be an AMT Fast and Furious Veilside Toyota Supra. Brakes are from a Revell 4th Gen Camaro 

Interior paint is Krylon Rose Gold Metallic; exterior paint is Rustoluem Color Shift Galaxy Blue cleared with Pledge.









Group photo with recently finished AeroVette




It's own thread here: 


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15 hours ago, '70 Grande said:

Excellent conversion!  That is not the original kit's chassis is it?

The frame is the kit's unit. This is the AMT kit which had the suspension and exhaust components molded separate. The MPC Monzas from what I've seen have those elements molded in to the frame, as they were originally promos converted into glue type detail kits.


14 hours ago, Lunajammer said:

Interesting. I'm not sure I've seen one built using the actual custom parts. Not as bad as I thought it might be. I've heard no love for this release, but I think I like it. Different is good right? ?

Neither have I, though i've seen some folks build the Monza SS wide body race version, which i'd love for R2 to reissue or happen to get a hold of one at a decent price someday.

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