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I've been enjoying all of the articles about build quality on this car. Missing and loose screws, paint issues, etc. Good stuff.

The markup dealers are trying to get is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous are those willing to pay it. I daresay it will be a lot like the Hellcats a few years ago. Price gouging and nonsense for the first year, stale inventory and discounts after that.


Personally, I'd be more interested in the grey AEV Bison parked in front of it. Any pics of that? Lolz.


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I'm a long time Corvette enthusiast and have been looking forward to the mid-engine. It's been on and off the drawing board for decades. I doubt you'll ever see a C8 in a dealers "stale inventory". The Chevy dealer here told me they've pre-sold their allotted number of C8s through 2022 and, if I put a deposit down, I could get on the waiting list. I think I'll  stick with my 2016 Z06 3LZ convertible for now. https://www.shamblesmodels.com/real-cars.html

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In '06 I went to buy a new Corvette convertible. I found exactly what I was looking for and the dealer was marking it up $7500. Told them I would pay sticker, but not the mark-up. Salesman told me "somebody will"  I told him I will just wait until next year and get one when you are having trouble moving them, but I won't get it from this dealership. Bought a new coupe in '07 for a very good price and 0% interest from an excellent dealer a little bit out of my area. Went back in '08 and bought a Callaway convertible, again with 0% interest. Roughly once every 2 years since, I get a call from the dealership and a separate call from salesman (who now works elsewhere) to see if I am in the market for a new one. Am expecting to get a call about the mid-engine Vette as soon as they have one that wasn't preordered. Same happened with  the Dodge dealer in my town. They were marking up their Hellcat $20k. They had that car for a long time.

Like Dan, I have heard QC was a little lax as they were rushing to get these to market. I will go look at them eventually. I think they will now be able to get significant performance gains out of the new mid-engine platform.

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On 4/9/2020 at 10:30 AM, Brudda said:

Yes sir plus a $20000 markup

$20K mark up is bad.......the 'nitro tires' for $80 is even worse!!! A sham. 

I'm a Ford guy.....only GM I bought new was a 1982 Z28 which I liked. I'd buy a base model Vette but will never pay over sticker. I built a new Vette on the Chevy website at $60K....a deal in my book....GM or not.

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If you can walk out for under 70 on a decently optioned mid-engine  sports car that is a deal. 

There is a Chevrolet dealer maybe a 1/2 mile inside of Ohio that my older brother worked at years ago.  They have always sold a lot of Corvettes there because the GM Hydromatic plant is less than  5 miles down the road.  Not that they are the only people buying them but it helps.  We  are on lock down so when I can I will swing by if I have time a see what they have sitting around. They normally have 2 to 4 sitting on the corner out front.   Dave White in Slyvania https://www.davewhitechevrolet.com/  they only have 1 new vette and it is an 2018 . 

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