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1965 Chevy Impala SS: Complete!

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My first build of the year is done!


A series of paint mishaps led to multiple repaints and even a body replacement on this Impala. If you can name a paint problem (crazing plastic, sputtering rattlecan, overzealous polishing), it happened on this build.  Each time I had to restart the painting process, I set the project aside to recharge my patience and focused on other pastimes, including (but not limited to):

Fixed the turntable and recorded some old vinyl into digital form
Got the family's four bikes ready to ride
Watched the latest season of Luther
Read Stephen King's The Stand

When my enthusiasm for the project recharged, I got over the painting hump and had fun getting the car finished. Now that it's done, it's time to post some pics. I'm glad I chose this color, Evening Orchid.


The female figure came from a Mazda Cosmo that's been on my build list since I saw a 1/1 at the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA. The figure looks kind of bland at the moment, but she's an early attempt at a non-automotive subject.


This engine photo shows flaws harder to see in person, but I like how the BMF gives the chrome valve covers and air cleaner a "light daily driver" look.


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Ya, you were able to slay the beast. I know how you fought this one. All worth it in the end, Beautiful looks finish and the chrome body trim is very clean. 

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