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AMT Don Prudhomme Wedge Dragster


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As a long time fan of Don Prudhomme, I've built about every model out there that is associated with his career.  I was excited to hear that there was going to be a model of his Wedge dragster, but when it was released, the reviews were brutal to say the least.  I looked at many posts both here and on other sites and finally decided it probably wasn't worth the cost and the time to turn the kit in to a decent model.  Thankfully, my wife had other ideas and got me the kit for my 65th birthday and with the virus lockdown I started on it about a month ago.  I decided to sand down the dreaded rivets (no completely, tried to leave just a "hint" of their presence) and scratch built the rear supports of the roll cage.  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to visit the Don Garlics museum in Ocala, Florida a couple of years ago, where a partially restored version of the Prudhomme Wedge dragster resides and I had several pictures for reference.  No, it is not perfect, and unfortunately, the kit is pretty poorly engineered, but overall, I am pretty pleased with the results.  It turned out to be a pretty decent shelf model, and was fun to build.

Thank you all for looking!!





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19 hours ago, jasoncamaro said:

Nice job! I need to re visit my build and put the long headers on and body filler pieces

The only reason I built it with the long headers was because that is the way the real car is at the Garlics Museum.  Since I had photos, it was easier for me to make sure I got it close to right.

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