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I used to just have a rubber band keeping my dedicated brush with the kicker and micro set and micro sol bottles. It was tough to grab the band  in order to put the brush back in place. So I took a piece of thick gasket and stuck it to the side of the bottle, put a vertical slit in it and then the rubber band. Now the brushes tuck easily into place and I always know where they are.


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Wow!  I also use a rubber band just for that reason.  But rubber bands get brittle. I use the ouch-less clear bands used for hair braiding.  Those don't seem to get brittle.

I also have a toothpick under the band, next to the brushes. that way when I take a brush out, I can easily slip the brush back next the toothpick.  I do like your foam rubber holder idea.

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My newest version. I cut a  2”x2” square of 3/16” plate and glued the bottle to it. It adds some weight so the bottle won’t tip over as easy. I added a piece of non-slip drawer liner to the bottom. Now I can unscrew the cap with one hand. The brush holder is a cap from something...styrene tube would work as well.


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Some great ideas.  I just spilled a good portion of my remaining Tenax the other night.  The bottle needs bulk at the base.  And I'm continually hunting for the brush.

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