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1950 Ford Two Door Sedan Mild Custom


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I'm a big fan of 1949 to 1951 'Shoebox' fords and this model is one of a collection I'm planning on building.  This one was intended to be a 'working mans' hot rod, or someone's daily driver from the late 1950's. I started with the AMT convertible kit and attached the Modelhaus resin two door sedan roof. Other changes include shaving all badges and the door handles as well as shortening the  body side trim. The engine is warmed up using the performance parts that came in the AMT convertible kit - with the exception of the headers which I made out of solder. The hood has louvers added using tiny strips of electrical tape which is a technique given to me by some very good fellow modeller friends. I made the front wheels posable with brass tubing for spindles. The wheel discs are scratch built using the bottoms of aluminum soda cans and sanded to give them a 'spun' look. I used Testors Jade Green metallic enamel paint with Modelmaster clear enamel over it. The interior is custom tuck and roll and there's a 'suicide' steering knob. A couple of things I added that I remember seeing on cars as a boy, even into the early sixties are the chrome 'half moon' headlight covers and the tailpipes cut at an angle.












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That is a beautifully presented '50 tudoor. I also enjoy these cars since our family car was a new '49 four door and I have had a couple of '51's in the past. I tried this very conversion a few years ago with the same parts. I could never get the two parts to work and gave up. You got the body and roof section to go perfectly and the stance is just the way my '51 was. Your paint work is great looking and I like the shortened side chrome. The louvered hood looks perfect, I would like to hear more on the tape method you mentioned. Nice job on the front spindles.   

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19 hours ago, David Miller said:

I was going to use two Coupes’ roofs and try to make a sedan , but it’ll be a 1950 Meteor ( ‘49 and ‘50 Meteors used Mercury Grilles ) . Sure wish there was a ‘51 Ford and or Meteor Grille . 

Hi David, I thought I'd show you a '50 Meteor coupe that I did several years ago. I used the AMT '49 Mercury grill that you mentioned. You may have seen the '51 Ford trans-kit that the Modelhaus used to make to convert the AMT '49 or '50 Fords. I don't know if there are any of those floating around, but I imagine they would be difficult to find. Good luck with your sedan project. Be sure and post it when it's done, I'd love to see it!



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