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Freightliner COE & Cattle Trailer - Joker style

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I've been working on this since I've been home (3-21) for a lady friend's now 13 year old son.  His dad died about six years ago while loading cattle.  He owned and operated a 1993 (?) COE and had always talked about building it into a Joker style rig.  Well, heck, I can at least build a tribute.  Lots of input from them on details,.  I'm almost "done" with it, so lots of pics.  Got nothing but time, so here... we... go!  





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Frame was a breeze after reading up on this kit.  Specifically left the front brake drums off to "narrow the axle".  And the seam in the cab just killed me.  Did my best to stay away from the rivets and got the first coat of green on.  I failed to use a primer and paid dearly for it.




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Into the purple bath we went.  3 days and the paint didn't budge.  so, wet sanding commenced.  Lost every bit of rivet detail, but it is what it is.  Second go around was much more successful.  Still some spots I'm not happy with, but I can work around them.IMG_2650.thumb.jpg.00b7581c2dfc5e889d97860016bde9d4.jpg




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Interior was done in Flat Zinc Chromate (yeah, me either, but it's an awful mustard yellow, so perfect for The Joker).  Some experimenting with fine tip Sharpies revealed that the blue turns a nice purple.  Orange gauges were requested.IMG_2582.thumb.jpg.541722eee49fe33bcf399dae8a8f638e.jpg




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The things we do for no reason other than to see if we can...  Built a tilting fifth wheel for a truck that is going to be secured to a shelf.  Read that the exhaust supports can sometimes cause issues with being even, so I scratched up some bracing.  Using brass tube as straight pipes.





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Bit o' detailing (yes I see the ugly spot under the passenger window).  Using a bull bar from the old Convoy Mack kit.  I've got a spare and it seems to fit the theme.  Trimmed the lower section of the grill off the kit bumper and it sits almost perfectly on the guards mounting points.  Hogged a bit of the frame out and it will sit on the front end perfectly.  Only issue is that the cab won't tilt forward, but this is not a show piece. 





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Shelf from Hobby Lobby that you'd think was purpose build for this kit.  Not happy with the visor, and after talking it over, I have a drop visor coming from Shapeways.com.  Mockup with the cattle trailer.  After much debate, I got overruled on the color for the roof and rear of the trailer.  But, after it was all said and done, I like the purple.60894250118__E1F0BBD8-8EB6-44C5-BAE4-EB702AE180A7.thumb.jpg.85f1f360cf7848a8f425f6fa586478fd.jpg




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If you ever want a lesson in patience, make the decision to use Hobby Lobby jewels to make chicken lights...  wow.  K bar T was their company name.  Used the trailer logo and individual letters to do the doors.  Will do the same for the front of the trailer.  Other than grab rails,. steps, horns, air lines, and a spare tire winch cable, it's near there.  IMG_2827.thumb.jpg.9a3f960c16a9365e1688b2ce4ba3244c.jpg




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