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Joe's garage diorama mockup

Joe Thomas

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Started mocking up the walls for the garage diorama. Its a mixture of the MRC garage kit and the AMT accessory kits. Not using the period rail lift that came with the garage kit, instead planning to cut out the floor and recess the base for the two post lift.  May make it an outside lift like the one we had when I worked as a mechanic. The office will have a scratch built L-shaped counter.  Need to locate and order some office furniture and bathroom fixtures.  The bathrooms are the two small rooms.  The size may be adjusted once the fixtures are spotted  which may make the back room larger.

The roof may be a sheet of clear plastic.  Also need to make a rear and side wall as the kit does not come with those parts.  Using foam core purchased at Dollar Tree for the walls.






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Looking good!  You should be able to find your bathroom fixtures and everything else you need on Shapeways.  If you can imagine/think of it, you'll probably find it there.

Here's a toilet:


Sofa that might go in your Waiting Room:


1/24 scale folding chairs, pack of 5:

https://www.shapeways.com/product/J8DQ6ZWCS/1-24-scale-folding-chairs-not-full-size?optionId=5951267&li=marketplace 010623

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