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As a bit of information, the frame and chassis of Ford pickups was the same from 1953 to 1964.  In 1965, the front suspension changed to Twin I-beam. 

I have built a 1957 Ford F100 styleside using the Modelhaus cab conversion which dropped right on the AMT 1953 for F100 chassis.  Fit like a glove.  While I haven't tried it personally, the Revell 1956 F100 might be another choice for a chassis.  Of course, you'll have lengthen the AMT and Revell chassis for the proper wheel base.  If you'll be building an F-250, the chassis from the Mobius F100 4X4 would also work with converting the front suspension to leaf spring and an appropriate front axle.

FYI - Every Mobius long box Ford pickup from '65 and up drops right on the '70 F100 4X4 chassis.

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I did a  4x4  F 100 conversion many years ago. I used the 70's  AMT F350 frame with some modifications. Used the MPC Dodge 4x4 front drive axle, but made the mistake of not flipping it over, the Dodge differential is on the right side, the Ford differential is on the left side. Another mistake, hubcaps were not used on front axle, only on the rear axle.


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Since I want to replace that one-piece chassis, I needed to remove the part of the inner fenders that was attached to it:


Here they are glued to the main body, also since the bed floor had 2 little round spacers, I added more styrene in the same thickness:





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This part of the firewall was glued in from behind, not flush, like I wanted it, plus I want to remove most of the molded-on details, removing that part was not easy, old tube glue really works!


I also got rid of the horn, washer bag  and all the molded-on wiring, only kept the wiper motor, voltage regulator and those unique brake reservoirs:





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I like what you've done so far Dennis! What's your plan for the chassis? I built one of these a few years ago as a curbside because of the chassis and it had no engine or firewall. You can separate the cab and bed. Just have to make a new cab wall. I recently got another one in a trade here. I plan on cutting it down to a short bed and either set it on the Foose chassis or the AMT '53. Depends on which one is closer to the right wheelbase.

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I'm modifying a Mobius frame, and using Fireball's F-250 kit and the "Upgrade" kit.

Started with a short wheelbase and had to lengthen it about 1/4".

Could've started with the long wheelbase frame, easier to shorten, but I've done the lengthening successfully, and will show that soon.

Your idea of the Foose chassis sounds great!


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1: I cut out some of the Mobius cross members out, filled some depressions and started the conversion to 4 wheel drive.

2: Installed Fireball cross members, and motor mounts, also shock mounts.

3: I lengthened the frame and mocked it up on F-250 wheels and tires.




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1: I used the Mobius V8, but added the Fireball oil pan.

2: I cut the trans off and added Fireball's top loader. I also substituted AMT's '60 Starliner engine top and front, I want it to look a bit more vintage.

3: Engine and trans fit the frame, because they're both Mobius, although once I finish, you won't see much Mobius!




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It's looking good Dennis! One thing you may want to check is the oil pan. The sump is usually at the front on pickups. Not sure about the '60 and earlier though. But, given the shape of the oil pan sump, I'm thinking it should be towards the front.

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1 hour ago, dino246gt said:

According to Fireball's instructions, "The larger portion of the pan is the back end (it appears reversed from the kit's oil pan)"

This is for the F-250 4X4.



The instructions could be wrong. I would suggest doing some research. 

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In 4x4 trucks with the FE engine, the pan sump  is to the rear. They use a different oil pick-up tube and the dip stick is in the side of the oil pan opposed to a regular set-up where the dip stick is in the side of the block. Hope this helps.


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1: I needed to lengthen the rear of the frame so I glued 2 pieces of styrene together to the thickness of the frame and drilled and pinned extensions.

2: I made the very rear from 2 different sizes but now I have the length I need for this old pickup.

3: I made the cab floor from a '60 Starliner kit, it had to fit the original interior, after I cut that floor out, and the new frame.

4: I added some ribs, opposite of the topside, and positioned them so the frame fits right in.





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