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1/24 Australian Supercars Mustang Conversion w/ Tamiya kit

Calvin Sallee

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I started this project several weeks ago right after the new Tamiya Mustang GT4 kit was released. Its a beautiful kit but I really wanted to make an Australian Supercars Mustang out of it. 


I realize that there are some dimensions around the roof area that are different from the stock Mustang and the Supercars Mustang, but I feel its not major enough to not attempt to make a good looking model out of it. 

The major difference is the nose, its simple completely different on the Supercar.


With basically no dimensions I started to sculpt out the front nose, little-by-little


I did weeks of filling, and sanding, over and over, until I got the basic shape.


New Hood, Nose, Grill, splitter, and rear wing assembly


Also a right-hand drive setup for the inside

After I got all the parts scratch built and perfected, I made molds and cast them with resin.


The one part I need help on was with the wheels, I tried to scratch build them by hand but it just wasn't looking good. So I asked my good friend Indycals ( https://www.indycals.net/ ) for help! He 3D drew the wheels up and had them printed by Shapeways and the LOOK AMAZING! Thank you Indycals. Also, Indycals will be offering the decals for this new Resin conversion kit.


I will make a mold of these 3D printed masters and cast them in resin.

The modifications for this new conversion kit will actually be pretty basic



Some sawing on the front fenders, and cutting out the hood is the most work this kit will require. There will be some filling and sanding for sure, but that's no big deal.


More updates, coming soon.In the meantime feel free to check out my new and improved website (Formally known as Hobbitime) 



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Some great work there.  I don't know if you are aware of just how far the Mustang was massaged for Supercar racing but there is a lot to it.  Put it this way, park a Supercar next to a road going Mustang and you would be struggling to tell them as being from the same mother!

Basically, when Penske/DJR started building the first prototype, they virtually designed it with the body on the ground, rather like channelling a hot rod roadster over the frame. They then went to AVESCO and said, "Oh, look, the roof won't fit now, you will have to let us lower the rollcage!"  But AVESCO went, "No, you'll have to raise the roof!"  If you look again at the photos of the Shell car, you will see just how bubble topped it is compared to a real Mustang. They actually use a very wide windshield sunscreen stripe panel ( no idea what it is really called) to try and hide the raised height of the windshield. As a result it looks more like a Nissan Z car than a Ford!

Personally, I think your model will look much better if you leave the roof exactly where Henry Ford intended it to be. But if you want to be 100% accurate, you have a lot of work ahead of you! Either way, I am sure you will find plenty of Aussie customers for your resin conversion!



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