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My GT4 Mustang finished

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Well, here it is completed. Being it was my first I built it right out of the box to learn the good and bad of the kit. Kit is great. Came out OK but the door has two specs of something that came while clear coating. I learned to wait and put the side ground effects on after chassis is placed in the body. It fits tight and making the chassis hard to get in.

IMG_0661 (2).JPG

IMG_0662 (2).JPG

IMG_0663 (2).JPG

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I used Createx Wicked Colors, Flourscent Yellow and House of Kolor USC01 clearcoat. Love their clear. It self levels and requires very little polishing. However there was a learning curve to get it reduced for our scale projects. I've done a couple Nascar kits before the GT4 and used it. Seemed to go on  to thick and kinda syrupy.  They say mix 3-1-1 (paint, reducer, catalyst) probably perfect for full size cars. Looked good but I found (3-3-1) misted on is better. Doesn't build up as fast. More realistic to scale. Dries hard in less than 24 hrs. 

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I was curious because I have struggled with flourescents for years. By their very nature they are porous and absorb the solvents of any clear coat. Which changes their color and dulls them down.  My solution was to go to a water-base clear. Krylon makes one in a paint called Lo-Odor. It dries very clear and builds nicely. Doesn't change the color of metallics or flourescents. It dries very hard but can take as much as 2 months to cure depending on humidity. So I am always looking for quicker solutions. Thanks for telling me. 

       The artistry of modeling is in the paint...in my opinion. 

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Thanks all. I bought four more of these kits and some decals from Indycals. Doing the Volt car now. Painted interior on Saturday (AS20) and exterior yesterday (Gravity Colors flourescent yellow).  Got to put down a couple coats of lacquer clear and polish out before decaling.

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