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Convert the 1986 Monte Carlo SS to an LS

Superbird McMonte

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Recently, Salvinos J R Tooled up an LS nose for the NASCAR Monte Carlo kits. Since Stock Cars in the 80s hadn’t gotten completely away from their production counterparts yet, I thought I would test fit this nose on the most recent release of the Monte Carlo SS. 

Mounting it directly to the front fenders resulted in a nose pointing up. So I pulled the top away from the hood until the lower body line leveled out.


I measured the gap at the top and transferred that measurement to the bottom. I placed a piece of tape from the measurement to the top corner and cut out a pie slice from each side.





That pulled the whole nose into the fenders. The result matched what I found in the dealership brochure.




I think this is going to work pretty well. I will have to scratch build a grill and headlights right now.


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I wish he'd sell just that nose piece. Headlights should be fairly simple; I believe the LS used (at least one year) a single large composite lens as opposed to the double sealed beam rectangles. Grill will be a bit trickier. I started scratch-building one a couple years ago, wasn't satisfied, tried again, got closer, put it aside, and so on. Still haven't got one good enough to show, but technology may have caught up to solve the problem as this would be an ideal project for 3D printing! Get yours right, and I know where you can sell a copy or two...?

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