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Trojan Horse Mustang Funny Car


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Started back in 2005, finally finished. Thanks to Snake and the Bring  Out  Your  Dead forum, I pushed and just finished it. I have posted some of its issues at various times with problems I encountered on the forum looking for help, so it may be familiar to some. Needless to say it’s Not my best work, it’s not even close to what my original plan, which was Shirley Muldowney’s yellow Mustang funny. Anyway here it is, feel free to comment the good the bad or the ugly. 








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Very nice clean build.  I have a few 71-73 Funny car kits (Mustangs of course) and probably decals to do twice as many but like many of us I have so many projects started and have not build much of anything lately it’s going to be a while before I get some paint on one to at least get me thinking about colors and which decals to use.  I assume those are from Slixx.

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Hi Roger!

Wow, what a wet look paint finish! Impressive. 

I saw the 1/1 car back in the days, and it was a stunner. Your built is up to par, for sure. I specially like the perfect colour rendering of the "anodized" tin work inside the body. That was one of the signature feature of the Trojan Horse, and you nailed it, bravo!

May I ask who makes the decals? The simulated gold leaf lettering looks good...


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Thanks for all the kind comments! Slixx Decals, makes the decal set. I normally try and purchase two sets, because stuff happens! These were older decals as I have had them quite awhile. I really struggled with the hood decals trying to get them to conform to the multiple contours. The decals seemed thick and I eventually cut and pieced the decals to make them fit. I ended up buying a third set of decals and used them to finally get it completed. They looked terrible but I hoped the clear would help. The spears on the side cracked and I had to piece them together. I finally got the decals on and tried a two part clear I picked up at the ACME show last year. When I sprayed it, the back window mural lifted and crinkled, the purple decal down the center took on an snake shin looking texture. Nothing happened to the side decals, they did fine????  Two coats, and after it dried I threw the mess back into the box. Then a year or so later I had some of my old faithful DuPont Clear left over and I did not want to waste it but I didn’t have anything ready for clear. I grabbed the Mustang body, and with nothing to lose and gave it three coats of clear, the body was swimming in clear coat. I let it dry a month and started aggressively sanding to thin the clear some, I worked up through several grades of sandpaper until it started to shine, I then polished it. When you look close you can see every issue in the decals, but it’s under the shine. It looks good in the case.....from a couple feet away. I have used a lot of Slixx decals with no issues, and I still think they have a great product. The tin work took two tries to get right. The first was too purple, I had an old spray can of Testors #6130 Burgundy Purple Metal Flake that turned out to be the best match.

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