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Bunch of Random Things for Trade

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Afternoon everyone,

I recently came into a whole lot of model related stuff thanks to a friend of mine who's currently going through his father's estate. He recently got what, in my personal opinion, should've been his all along now that his father's wife has decided to hand it off to him. He's keeping what means the most to him and the model kits are not among those things. This is what I've come up with that I'm ready to part ways with after purchasing the entire lot. Some more may be up for grabs later, but this is the stuff I have no interest in keeping. I'm offering it up here to my virtual friends at MCM before it either goes to the world's garage sale on eBay or I let my local hobby shop look at it and make an offer. There's a handful of kits, a few builtups, and some parts and pieces that need a new home. I'll start with the easy stuff and it'll get more oddball as we get through it. There's a few non-auto kits in here too, for anyone with broader horizons.

Items I'm looking for:

Any Revell 1932 Ford kits. I've never built any '32 Ford and I feel its time. 5 window is first on the list, followed by 3 window, sedan, and roadster in that order as far as my want level.

Any AMT Hot Rod Kits, even if they're incomplete. I've got parts and pieces of a '32 Vicky and several '29 Model A Roadsters and even an original Ala Kart, but nothing complete. I'm looking to kitbash some hot rods, as evidenced by the '32 kits above and despite their simplicity, I'd like to add these to the collection. In addition the the '32 and '29, I'd be interested in the AMT '29 Ford Woody/Pickup Combo kit, AMT Model T (the one recently reissued or any variation thereof) or anything else that falls into early Ford hot rod fodder.

Any version of the AMT 1953 F-100 except the ex-MPC Flipnose/Street Machine.

Any AMT Ford pickup kits from the '90s. Ford F-150, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet C-1500, Chevrolet S-10, etc.

Any AMT, Revell, or Italeri semi truck and trailer kits. Not interested in any Revell or Italeri European trucks though.

Other than that, not looking for anything too specific. I'm pretty open to any other muscle car, pickup truck, or commercial vehicles. Let me know what you've got and lets do some good old fashioned horse trading!

EDIT: I forgot to add that I will trade kit for kit on most items, with a few exceptions. I'm not looking to make out like bandit here, just trade things that aren't of any interest to me for things that are.\


AMT '55 Corvette. Open box, sealed contents.



AMT '65 Pontiac 2+2. Open, looks complete but I didn't inventory it to be sure. I can on request though.



AMT '70 Chevelle SS454. Factory sealed.



AMT Hard Hat Hauler. Open, looks complete. Can inventory on request.



AMT March 88C Kraco Special. Open, started, possibly incomplete. Can inventory on request.



Heller/Humbrol Mercedes-Benz 500K. Factory Sealed.


Heller/Humbrol Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. Factory Sealed.


Tamiya 1:20 Porsche 935 Turbo Martini. Open, sealed contents, includes parts for motorizing.




Craft Master/General Mills Covered Wagon. Factory Sealed.


Craft Master/General Mills Stage Coach. Factory Sealed


AMT Agajnian Willard Battery Special. One built, probably missing pieces. Parts of another in the box. Maybe enough to put together a whole one.



This is all for now, I will be adding to this later. I'm heading out the door for work (working afternoons thanks to the pandemic) so I will be able to check my messages/replies tomorrow as well as add some more stuff.


Stay healthy


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Here's some more stuff I'd like to move. This isn't nearly as good or interesting as above, but again, I'll offer it up here first. I understand if nobody wants to swap any kits for this stuff, so I'd take parts for these. Related to my hot rodding theme, mostly looking for the hot rod Flathead engines from various AMT and Revell Kits, miscellaneous hotrodding parts, or other Ford engines. If nobody wants anyof this stuff, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised ?


Lindberg small scale kits. 1934 Ford is unbuilt and complete. Jaguar is built and has all the garage pieces. I'll split these up if someone wants one or the other.





Pyro 1/48 1914 Mercer. Built, pieces fallen off but possibly complete



Pyro Cord parts


Best Products Indy racer is an empty box, but cool and in good shape. Palmer Porsche box has some parts in it but is incomplete.


Porsche? Chaparral? Someone ID this please...


Palmer 1964 Corvette Pieces. Contrary to the Post-It, I  don't believe I have the instructions. At least I haven't found them yet.


Lindberg Ferrari 250s. Two complete cars, plus parts. 1/43 scale?


Some sort of Weird-Oh?



Last but certainly not least, how about some glue bombs, built-ups, and promos? I'll trade for other glue-bombs, built-ups, and promos.

Palmer Mustang


Palmer Galaxie 500



AMT 1937 Chevy Convertible. Fairly clean build, some glue staining. Appears to have Nailhead Buick power.



Monogram Snap 1985 Corvette. Wheel was previously repaired and has come off again. 



Monogram 1/24 '69 Camaro Z/28s. Orange one is complete. White one is missing one front wheel and the engine.


Some sort of screwbottom version of what I think is Boyd's Chezoom and a Snap Mako Shark Vette of some kind.



Revell Acura Integra Type R. Looks rough, but complete.


 Couple of random tanks.


Revell 1/72 P.T. 109. Loose pieces, looks mostly complete. Nicely built.


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Thanks for the tip. Based on that and a quick search,  it appears to be the Revell 1/24 Chapparal Coupe. I don't believe it is complete but those baggies of parts go with it. I can look into it and PM you some additional pictures.

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I missed the memo where there's a time limit on editing now, so I couldn't figure out why I couldn't edit the original post. Found the answer though so here's an update on things.

Hardhat Hauler - Traded

Agajanian Special - Traded

I have some other deals pending and will post them as well when those items are gone. I have some more stuff that I'll be posting up soon so if something you like is gone, there will be more and maybe you'll see something else. I've already made some trades with some great folks and I'm confident we can keep that going. 

Thank you everyone for your interest.



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As promised, more stuff...

Revell 1957 Chevy Bel Air. 1978 Issue. Open, complete.



Monogram '55 Chevy Street Machine. Started with glue staining, incomplete.


AMT TeeVee Dune Buggy. Open, complete, not a metallic blue chase kit though. I suspect this was from our local Ollie's hoard, as I bought one too. 


AMT STP Grand Prix. Remnants of factory seal still hanging on.


AMT '59 El Camino. Built, looks like the rest of the parts to finish are still in the box. 



Revell Formula Firebird. Built, Complete, but HEAVY on the paint. 


Revell HOT ROD Camaro Street Machine. Incomplete (missing body and other major parts), good decals, no box.


I have a couple more things to photograph and some that I still need to decide what I'm doing with. Thanks again everyone for taking a look.

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Update of things that have been traded off:

Mercedes 500k

Mercedes 300SL

Tamiya Porsche

Pontiac 2+2

37 Chevrolet



BullysCustomModelParts, I appreciate the offer but I believe shipping to and from Australia would be too costly for the both of us. 

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I know I am late to the party, but do you still have the stage coach & covered wagon? I may be interested in the 1:32 Jag '34 Ford and possibly the weirdo. I have some semi's & probably some early Fords to trade.

LMK if any are still available & I will start a list of what I have.

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