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Revell Sox & Martin 1967 GTX.


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    I finished this one up a few days ago. It's for a box-art build-off on a Facebook group I'm in. I've always wanted to do this kit, and this was the perfect opportunity.

     It's painted in Tamiya TS-26 Pure White, with Decoart Americana True Red acrylic craft paint airbrushed on the sides and I airbrushed Folkart Blue Sapphire Metallic acrylic craft paint for the roof, scoop, and hood and trunk stripes. I then cleared it all with a coat of Testors #1261 followed by BMF and decals, and more #1261 clear.

     The interior is a combination of craft paint and Stylylrez black primer cleared with a coat of pledge floor polish. The chassis is Stynylrez black primer and the engine is in the Blue Sapphire craft paint. I did add valve stems, as I can't see not adding those to a build anymore seeing as how easy it is to do, and plug wires.

     This was a pretty nice kit, and aside from the front and rear "glass" being a little tricky with not much contact surface to work with, went together very nicely. Outside of the decals and the slicks, this could have been built "factory stock" since it included a full exhaust that's not needed for the race version. I really enjoyed this build! Thanks for looking!












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On 8/23/2020 at 3:15 PM, Deuces ll said:

Best version I've seen yet!.... Great job sir!!!!.... ??


On 8/23/2020 at 7:06 PM, PappyD340 said:

Very nice, well done!


21 hours ago, shoopdog said:

Excellent work, my build of this kit pales in comparison to yours.


9 hours ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Very nice and clean build Craig!  I always love the blue headlights on the Sox & Martin cars, it's very distinctive... and beautiful!  Well done!!!


3 hours ago, Scott8950 said:



2 hours ago, Nitrobarry said:

Very Nice indeed! This one is on my to do list as well as Don Grotheer and "Old Trapper" cars. I`ll have a nice mix of US and Canadian Super Stockers!


1 hour ago, Spruslayer said:

Excellent work super clean build

Thanks guys!!

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