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Revell Garlits 1/16 Scale Dragster done-FINALLY


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A brief backstory:  I picked this kit up at a "yard sale" a few years ago.  The kit APPEARED to be factory sealed and the box was in good shape.  When I finally got around to opening it, the kit was anything but:  multiple missing pieces and broken pieces.  There were too many things broken and missing to mention them all, but the worst were the rear tires and wheels were missing and the frame had multiple breaks and missing sections, and the rear wing supports were missing.  After almost two years of assembling, disassembling, fabricating and ordering replacement wheels and tires, I am calling it done.  It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I am proud of the fact that despite the kit fighting me every step of the way, I finished it and it will make a nice shelf model.  Comments welcome and THANKS for looking!!






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10 hours ago, Daddyfink said:

That is cool! 

I still have mine from when it was issued in 1987! Started it by painting the chassis and then back in the box and have not touched it since! Might have to finish it now. 

Thanks for the comment!!

I certainly hope you have better luck with yours.  Next to nothing went together like it should have.  It was like all the mating surfaces were about 1/16" off.  Not trying to discourage you, but just preparing you for lots of fit issues if your kit is like mine.

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