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There was a second release around 1966, in a different box from the one pictured.  From what I have been able to piece together, the second issue was available until around 1970.  Never released again, no parts of it surfaced in some other kit, nothing.  

The 1:1 car was pearl white, not yellow.  It was damaged in transport, Starbird used parts of it to build another car (as he sometimes did).

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Yep. Starbird built it pearl white, but Monogram believed it needed to yellow or red for better marketing impact. They decided hobby shelves were saturated with red stuff, so, they made all the artwork yellow and molded the kit in yellow.  

The 1:1 was never yellow. 


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I've only seen a couple of them mint in box.  Builtups are sometimes missing the engine, and often missing the rear grille (because the instructions advised that it and the engine could be removed to display the engine on a stand).  Usually the working steering parts are glued solid, and the clear bubbles messed up with cement as well.  On the other hand, few of them are painted.

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