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56 Chrysler 300B

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The color is Tamiya Mica red in their new laquer bottle range with same clear coated. Not polished out yet

To get the stance down at the rear I added lowering blocks, shortened the rear spring hangers and remounted the front of the spring higher in the chassis by making new pockets

For the front I relocated the stub axles higher and shortened the spring a little and bored out the spring mount so it would mount higher



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Machined adaptors for the disc brakes and glued to wheel backs

Painted the discs with gunmetal and the calipers in off white which is the contrasting colour

I did not like the kit power brake booster so some time on the lathe to turn up a chamber and the rest made from various shapes made up to suit

This was also painted with off white




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I was wanting a more modern looking air cleaner than the original oil bath type. I made up a cover on the lines of the original and added the top from an air cleaner from the parts box

To show the contrast I painted both in off white so I could see which worked best



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Got some paint on

The chassis is semi-gloss black. Pix shows splash apron top masked up for body color on the top as it shows through the grill and I wanted it to match up with the body color. The other pix a body and underside getting color on. Paint is Tamiya Mica Red laqueur in the little jars. All color clear coated with Tamiya as well. Its a nice product to use and I get good results. What am I going to do with all the Testors enamel jars I have. 





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Again, I really like the paint here. I have been a long time user of the Tamiya paint products. I hope we get the new line soon since the finish looks even better. 

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Hi Bill, I love this. I have had that kit for a few years and plan on heading down the same path you are. I will be watching... Excellent colour choice, and stance in the teaser looks great. I like low! I had been thinking burnt orange for my build, but seeing that colour...hmmmmm...

Cheers, Steve

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A bit of an update

Interior complete, engine wired and detailed, mounted in chassis. Chassis complete with suspensions and exhaust added. Some lines added to chassis

It is low, real low - not even bagged. I lowered rear with lowering blocks and spring relocation. Front end lowered with dropped spindles

Paint done and rubbed out and waxed.

Presently foiling and getting ready to detail badges and other little things









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Man, they look great in red! Love these cars more and more as I look at them; beautiful styling, and your paint on this model really highlights the body styling. Can't wait to see more.

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Nice to see an update Bill. At a quick glance, looks like you have good tunes to fuel your creativity! Well played.

Cheers, Steve

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Al - looked at a Viper V10 but felt it would be better with a modern Hemi or as I finally did go with old school but modernised early Hemi - I did not have a late Hemi to hand which went a way to deciding with the 392

Your take on the 300B looks great 

The Mobieus kits have lots of sharp and good detail but the work to get rid of the mould lines on the body take a bit of time 

Thanks to the other guys for the kind words too

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I wasn't happy with the 6V battery so found one in the parts box and detailed it up



I am impressed with the tail light detail - looks very real






More work getting bling added. I now have parts A and B


With a bit of work A+B+C


Some more work yet before I get it "Under Glass" but it will be soon


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