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F-100 Food Truck: What if Chip Foose was a Pizza-man?

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3 hours ago, TonyK said:

So amazing! I kept looking at all you did with the pizza part of the truck and then realized I hadn't looked at the truck itself. That was amazing work too. Really enjoyed looking this over. You did great!

Hi Tony!

Thank you. Hard to resist the smell of a warm slice of pizza, isn't it?


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4 hours ago, 1930fordpickup said:

Claude this is another Nice Model from you. I like the wheel choice. It could always be a salt flat racer push truck. Sell Pizza to help pay for the race car. 

Thanks  Andy!

Actually, you read my mind. That is why the clear hydraulic lifted roof is tinted... to cut back on the harsh sun on the lake, of course...


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On 9/25/2020 at 7:11 PM, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Misha!

Thank you. I have never done a real diorama before, and far from me to claim my parking base as such... Let's just say it was an experiment. I shared it with Mister Tom Woodruff a few weeks ago, before posting it here, and he was very encouraging. HE does make REAL dioramas. That keeps my effort in perspective, I think...



Thanks for the nod CT. I told you everyone would love this build.

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3 hours ago, streetmachine11 said:


I love this build. its so out of the ordinary but you've nailed it. ive come back to look at it a few times and have noticed something new each time. definitely one of my favorites. you do excellent work.


Hi Jason!

Well, your next slice is on me. Enjoy!


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