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Kenworth T600 Big Sleeper Revell 1/25

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This is finally done.
Did not start a WIP thread as there were no major disasters with this one compared to the aerodyne version.
Still the same step one, that is cut the frame in half.
There was one really odd part about it, some of the sprues molded in black felt like they were made of vinyl but not as soft, they were also not as hard as styrene should be.
+ side, alot of extra parts for the K100 kits in these T600 kits.

Even the manual was about 99% correct this time and not about 40% as my aerodyne version had.
It also had the right engine to build and not the unbuildable engine my other manual wants you to build.
The engine pic on the box shows the other basically unbuildable engine with parts having to hang in the air, but it only shows from the left side where the exhaust is not shown and that the side with alot of problems.

The hood and cab did not want to line up nomatter what i did to try and fix it so i just left it.
The front bumper i had to modify a little to get it to look straight compared to the rest of the truck, unfortunally the hood will barely tilt up now

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On 10/2/2020 at 9:13 PM, Force said:

Nice pair.
Both these are basically the same kit except for the sleeper and wind deflectors/fairings.

Yes they are.
The only other difference exept that is that the walkway (lost what it is called) behind the sleeper is different on both.
The Aerodyne has a small square with diamondplate and the big sleeper has a large that stretches in under the sleeper, the sleeper sits on it using 4 locating holes.
I like the one on the big sleeper version better because it helps to hold the frame where the front and rear parts are joined much better and stronger then the little square the Aerodyne uses.

On 10/3/2020 at 7:31 AM, slusher said:

Nice pair, like the color choices!

I wanted them to be the same red but i could not find anymore of that color red that i used on the Aerodyne.

20 hours ago, extmcdriver said:

Nice work on a tough kit. Really nice build.

It was not that hard but i probably felt that becuase of the Aerodyne . I knew what to look out for and where there will be problems so i was prepared for them this time.


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