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AMT 1968 Shelby GT-500


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 I got this kit  years ago and have decided to give it a go. There was a lot of stuff to clean up on this one.  This kit has a lot of problems, first off, the engine compartment is no where near accurate. The wheels only have lug nuts molded on one wheel, I think the interior rear seat is too shallow and the front seats are too small. I think the L60x15 tires are too big. The engine is a bit of a mess, the combined grille/bumper is wrong, plus we get chrome headlights and driving lights. The tail light section is all chromed as well. And finally the frame looks a bit generic.  I can't tell you about the accuracy of the body though, but I think it captures the look of a 68 Shelby. 

This is the kit I am building.


I fixed most of the kits short comings by getting an AMT67 Shelby and will be using the frame/engine compartment and running gear from it. I have an AMT 66 Mustang kit coming for better Shelby wheels.




The kit tires/wheels. I will be using the tires from the 67 Shelby kit along with the Shelby wheels from the 66 Mustang kit. Even though the wheels from that 66 coupe kit are not as wide as they should be, they are worlds better than the ones that come in the kit


These seats are too small when compared to the seats from the 67 Shelby.


I think this back seat is way to shallow.


Door panel is pretty flat and would be hard to detail. I am hoping the Revell 68 Mustang GT kit has better door panels and that I can graft them onto the 67 Shelby platform interior/frame section.

I have ordered a Revell 68 Mustang GT kit for the seats & door panels and will use the AMT kit supplied dash and center console along with the center console arm rest.

As a lot  if you know, when AMT redid this kit they combined the grille and front bumper as one unit. I started to compare the 67 Shelby front bumper to the 68 front bumper and noticed the overall shape is identical. So I cut off the existing bumper from the 68 Shelby kit and will be using the bumper from the 67. All I will need to do is to remove the two bars that hang down below the bumper to have an accurate 68 Shelby bumper.

After I cut off the original bumper from the grille.

67 bumper test fit on 68 Shelby. The two bumper teeth will need to be removed.

I have the grille and rear tail light section soaking in Purple power to remove the chrome. I'll clean up the area around the grille where I removed the old bumper, glue it into the body and shoot it body color. Once that is done I will go around the outside with a Molotow pen to do the chrome stripe. The plastic grille section will be cut out and replaced with some black mesh I have. The 67 Shelby kit will donate the clear headlights and my parts box will supply the rectangular driving lights to replace the chromed ones that come in the kit.

I am also thinking I want to substitute a different big block Ford engine for the one that comes in the kit. Maybe one from a 65 or 66 Galaxie.

So, bottom line, I think I can make a pretty nice replica of a 68 Shelby GT 500 from this kit if I use parts from the AMT 66 Mustang Coupe, AMT 67 Shelby GT350, Revell 68 Mustang GT, and AMT 66 Ford Galaxie!

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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Welcome to the world of old kit molds where for numerous reasons the model companies were not concerned with 100% accuracy and as long as these molds are around there does not seem to be any incentive for their successors to spend a lot correcting or improving them when they figure there are work arounds like you have identified.  Keep us updated on your build - I like your creativity is trying other parts from other kits to make a more accurate 68 Shelby.  I’ve attached some photos of some I built and a one diecast (red) to show the shape of the front of the hood Mr. Obsessive has pointed out in his Green Hornet build and the HRM convertible conversion (green) which used the 67 chassis.  You are so right about the ten spoke wheels and those in the weird light green reissue kit are simply awful.  I recommend getting Keith Marks decals and look forward to your build and post any questions you have before you dive into your build.













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