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21 hours ago, eastown said:

Can anyone point me to place where I can download some properly sized ( 1/24 1/25 ) gauges,

 that I can simply print on decal paper and use.

  Thanks  Bob



In many cases I find it much easier to print the gauge face on heavy weight paper or photo paper instead of decal paper. I cut the image using a hole punch made from the proper size brass tube. I often find these paper gauge faces easier to deal with then a flimsy decal.

Also, I will often photograph gauges at car shows, etc. Then print of the photo, size adjusted as necessary, and cut out the gauge face. This is particularly useful when needing to replicate stock gauges (provided you can find the right 1:1 car). No need to limit oneself to round gauges either.

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In the US, Harbor Freight sells a cheap set of hollow round leather punches. I have found that they work great for cutting out round gauges once they are printed. I couldn't cut out a circle with scissors when I was in third grade and I still can't.

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I regularly print gauges on regular bond paper. I use white glue, the canopy cement. I generally do not cover the faces with it.

Another source for gauge pix is eBay. Often you can’t get a decent shot with the steering wheel in the way.  Look in the parts section for good photos of just the instrument cluster.

i generally resize the photos in Word. I will create a line of the same one and resize each image by 5% less each image. Print this and pick out the gauge that fits best on your model’s dashboard.

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