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Monogram 1990 Kodiak Chevrolet Lumina Ken Schrader


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This is one I built in 1991. The Kodiak Lumina, driven by Ken Schrader and owned by Rick Hendrick.  It was built box stock with Testors paint and Fred Cady decals. I think the Lumina kit is the best designed and engineered of all the NASCAR kits, it builds up very nicely without any problems. Thanks for checking it out. 








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Nice.  Probably builds up so well because that is the origin iteration of the kit.  No compromises to make Lumina body fit the chassis.    And it was such a nicely engineered kit.

 I used to love building hte NASCAR kits.  

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Excellent job. I'm working on one of those kits now,  but its the Olds kit, and I agree, everything fits like a glove. Looks like you painted the tire letters, if so, you did a great job. That is one pain staking job for sure. Mine always turned out real sloppy with paint over the edges of the letters. 

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