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3 hours ago, peteski said:

Not sure if those represent wings or a wind-lifted skirt?  Cute, either way.

This is what it reminds me of.



But it could also be this;



Reminds me of this:image.jpeg.9beaa0f56b3aa0ba50c9d84b3b25364b.jpeg

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9 hours ago, dw1603 said:

Peteski, they should have a ‘like’ button on here. Brilliant!

Heh-heh-heh!  Thank you!

Marilyn Monroe standing over the subway grate in a pleated skirt really was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that car's front end.  Those fenders look like they've been lifted by the wind. Like it is getting ready to fly.  I havenever seen that car and I'm curious to find out what it is (no, I'm not going to try to find it - I'll leave that fun task to others).

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It is over and here is the solution. It is a 1934 Brewster Town Car. Brewster was a coachbuilder. With the beginning of  the great depression Brewster bodied cars were not selling well. In 1934 Brewster bought 135 Ford Roadster and designed a body for them easily identified by its swoopy fenders and a heart-shaped grille. Stylish and sold for $3,500 it was a hit at the 1934 New York Auto Show. The bodies were worth more than the chassis. These cars were branded Brewster and sold at Rolls-Royce showrooms.

The correct answer were sent in by:






Richard Bartrop




Earl Marischal






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