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Italeri Volvo VN670 in CNTL livery

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Funny how we don’t see many of these built, but they’re everywhere on the road! Guess the lack of an engine in these kits turns a lot of builders off. I have plans to add one to a bagged parts kit I found at the LHS, but that’s for another time...


All Tamiya paint, with silver used to prevent bleed-through from the red kit plastic




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That looks great.  I wouldn't let lack of an engine keep me from building one of these.   It's mostly the price tag on the Italeri kits that has kept me from buying one.  That and the fact that I have 300 years worth of kits sitting around here.......

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I agree with you about how it seems like not many of these have been built, but I know I've only built one 670... I'm thinking at $70 a pop, Guys are less likely to drop that kind of cash for a rig that doesn't have an engine... So you could be right on with that...

You've done a very nice job on this thing... Good job on the grille... Very nice paint job...

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Your Volvo looks great.  I don't really care about the lack of an engine because all of my trucks are displayed with the hoods down anyway. :D  I have the 780 in the stash to do soon.  What's CNTL?

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Nice work, love the CN paint scheme. I haven’t seen a CN truck in person, but I see CN locomotives often. 

I agree that you don’t see these kits built up often on here, despite the popularity of the real thing. Full engine or not, I’d love to get my hands on a 670. I have a 780 in the stash that’s on my build list. I’ve considered opening and hinging the hood and fitting a resin ISX15 in it, but I haven’t researched how feasible that would be -  if the frame could be adapted or if I’d need to put the cab and sleeper on a different chassis altogether. 

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