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Another 1976 Montego Project

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I was extremely disappointed with the SHM resin Montego body so I decided to make my own. I thought that since the 76 Torino and Montego were based on the same basic car it wouldn't be too hard, I was wrong!! This is really making me appreciate even more the kind of conversions that folks like Juha Airio do

I see below that Gerald (gks1964) is working on one of these too! I thought I was the only one crazy enough to try this. This is my attempt so far:

I started by trying to make the nose, because I figured that if I couldn't do that there wasn't any reason to proceed further. I basically narrowed the Torino nose and added the ends from the SMH resin body along with lots of bits of sheet plastic. I've got it close but It's still pretty rough and needs refining





I also took a stab at the hood. Again, I used the Torino hood and narrowed the raised portion in the center. This was a real pain! It's still pretty rough and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or try something else.





I"m now starting on the sides. I've filled in the indentations on the Torino quarter panels and added sheet plastic to change from the indented lower body of the Torino to the raised portion on the Montego. I also too a notch cut out of the top of the front wheel opening to "droop" the nose. Again., it's still in a very rough state but getting there.






There's still loads to do! Grille, front bumper, finish the sides, fix the side window openings.....

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14 hours ago, Sledsel said:

I'd say it's looking good. As an FYI, the hood is not straight across, there is a peak that follows the front header.   Picture 3 of 6

I'll have to fix that. I may have to start the hood over, which sucks because I'll have to trash another Torino kit. :( 

It was hard to tell with the reference photos I had when I started. With Pearson's car being white, that hood line tends to disappear in photos. I have found a photo of Bobby Allison's car that shows it:



I can also see it in the only photo of the Pearson car I could find with the hood open:



Until I found this I never realized that the entire chassis and even the engine were painted red!

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