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POLE DEPOT VERY: An "exotic" twin-engined 37 Ford delivery concept

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12 hours ago, Steve H said:

OMG !! Claude, you just put a huge smile on my face. Your builds are always clean, well detailed, well engineered.... all that and more. This one’s a beauty and a beast! Amazing work (fun) sir. So we have a “pole service”, and a Viagra delivery truck, hmmmm what’s next?! Thanks for sharing. 

Cheers, Steve

Thanks Steve!

Now that you mention it... there might be a pattern here! Maybe I need to visit a shrink? Or just build a monastery van to transport the nuns around... That could balance things!


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22 minutes ago, Gerald Haney said:

awesome Build.  all ties together effortlessly.  all classy.  just a great piece of art you created.


Thank you Gerald!

I'll show your comment to my wife... she always laugh when I say model building is a "form of art".

Now I'm vindicated!


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27 minutes ago, paul alflen said:

Claude, What is in the water in Quebec city? no seriously,  This is a Kool and clean build and with scraps from the parts box? I can see you in the Mancave all winter long with many projects. This is truly a creative work of modeler's art!

Hi Paul!

Thank you. I will indeed spend many hours at the bench this winter... I'm finishing a 60 Sunliner Ford that I mashed with the roof from the Alternomad (MadLiner?), a VW bus that I customized and dropped in the weeds, and a mid-engine late-hemi powered 68 Charger concept is moving at a good pace. And there is a waiting list of rods & customs + a vintage funny-car that are waiting in the wings. So yes, much ado about styrene!

To your point about the water, my local aqueduct system takes water from the Chaudière river, which finds its source in lake Megantic, a big lake that is straddling the Québec/New-Hampshire border. I'm told this lake is a haven for various species of spyders. Who knows what influence might percolate to our drinking water...


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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2020 at 2:13 PM, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Juergen!

Thanks for the comnments.

To your point about the paint, still, it's simply Testor"s Wet Look clear (spray can), not sanded but vigourously hand-rubbed with Farecla No, 6 compound.

I am saddened that Testor's pulled out this product. To me, it was most effective, mostly due to its perfect viscosity. Tamya's TS 13 is fine, but lays out much thinner, and evaporates over many more days. You are often faced with surprising "gloss reduction" a few weeks later. Therefore, you have to wait for final polishing, at least in my experience. I tried to stack-up on Wet Look as much as I could, but it is hard to come by nowadays. If you can get some, do it!

Will Revell's new spray clear bring good news? I'm still waiting for my first can soon. We'll see...


Claude, Thanks very much for your answer and the info about the paints you used. I'm surprised that you didn't have to sand but thoroughly rubbed the surface.

But that did the job. It really looks gorgeous. Juergen

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