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(PICS) 1/8 Scale Volga M21 kit from DeAgostini

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My brother and I have wanted to build one of these large 1/8 1956 to 1958 Volga  kits for a while, but it was only available in Russia and sold as a subscription of 110 parts packages over a long period of time.

Anyhow , an Ebay vendor in Russia was recently selling the complete set of packages unopened along with the 110 magazines that serve as building instructions. The wording is only in Russian, but the illustrations and photographs make it reasonably easy to follow the construction and it's much more pleasurable to have the complete kit of parts all at one time, so we pulled the trigger (it was expensive but the quality makes it worth the high cost).  

It's taken approximately seven full days to assemble the many hundreds of parts (everything comes painted) and I was amazed at the fit and finish of everything.....screw holes all line up well and they supply extra fasteners (tiny) in case one gets lost during the build. Theres a tiny speaker for the horn sound and all the lights work.

I'm delighted with the result, and I find the model (and the real car) quite attractive.

















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Growing up in Poland in the '70s, I remember seeing these cars (usually painted black). I thought the see-through speedometer was so cool (without realizing that the concept was probably "borrowed" from the American Thunderbird).

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