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Short Hood Diamond Reo Searchlight Truck

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Worked on the base for the light.  I picked up some dolly rings from Auslowe, turns out they work fine for this.  The riser is a section of the coil load from the Fruehauf flatbed (Convoy Brockway build).   Electrical block to be added to the riser and then back to the light before working on the support arms.



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I finally figured out how to do the flange in the middle of the light housing barrel.  I dug out my old compass and loaded a scribe in place of the lead.  I cut the outer diameter first then the inner one.  Took 3 tries to get the fit right.  I used the same technique to make the front lens retaining ring as well as cutting out the lens disk.  The lens shown has too many segments etched into it so a second one is in the works.

This seems to work well with thinner sheet stock, this is 0.010 thickness.



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Amazing scratch building Warren and appreciate that you are sharing with us here your techniques on how to do it. Looking forward to seeing more. 

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Barrel of the light is just about done.  The biggest step to come is the yoke that supports it and sits on the base.  Still thinking of ideas on how to make the parts.





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