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Just a heads-up, fellas.

There's a new fake PayPal e-mail scam making the rounds trying to get folks to "log in" to their accounts to clear up a security issue.

Unfortunately, the portal you're directed to by the e-mail is fake, and all it's doing is stealing your password.

You've been warned.

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Any time I get one of these emails telling me to log into my account, I delete them. Then just in case, I will go log into my account the usual way. No way am I clicking a link in an email.


We do some pretty elaborate computer security things at work. We all had to take a three part course on phising, and attend a webinar. Not our IT department sends out phishing tests  quite often, trying to fool us into clicking on clicks or replying to emails.


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I get lots of phishing emails: PayPal, Amazon, Postal Service, etc., etc.  Often they have a sense of urgency, letting you know that you just placed an expensive order online.  They are expertly trying to tug on your emotions.

Like it has been mentioned - never click on any links.  In my browser, if I hover over any links, it shows me where the link points to (which is not what the link looks like in the email's text).  Plus the text of those emails is strange, often non-grammatically correct, since those are usually written by non-English-speakers in other countries.

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1 hour ago, ChrisBcritter said:

I get 'em too. Some of mine come from "PayPaI" - the last letter being a capital "I" instead of a lower-case "L". You can't see the difference unless you pass the cursor over it.

Your Spam filter should be sending them to your Junk/Spam folder immediately.

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