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Petty Charger Kit

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The other day I was going through my "built before becoming a teenager" stash and ran across a Richard Petty Charger, molded in Petty blue and black.  It looks like I didn't bother to paint it, just slapped it together and put the decals on.  I thought it was a Johan, but now I'm thinking MPC.  Anyone have a recollection of this kit?  And who made it?  



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5 hours ago, jsc said:

Thanks.  It's the right body style, but I wonder if it's molded in Petty blue?  I obviously did not bother to use the red sides.  Were those decals, I wonder?  

The body parts are molded in blue and no the red parts are not on the decal sheet.

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The "Petty-Charger" kit pictured is the first of the two issued by MPC.  I'm pretty sure that one was molded in white while the later one was blue.  If your built one has the number decals applied to an all-blue body, then the decal sheet probably did not include the red areas.  You'd probably remember trimming the numbers out.  All of the manufacturers were cheaping out and using smaller decal sheets back then.  There's that AMT Mopar Kit Car that had all of the stripes, none of which were on the decal sheet!  The sheet only had the numbers and a couple of other items, it wasn't much bigger than a postage stamp.  MPC was using sheets about half the size of what we were used to getting.

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20 hours ago, Bainford said:

I’ve had a couple of the MPC Petty ‘74 Chargers over the years, both moulded in light/medium blue body & engine with black chassis parts. All of the red was decal  


Just to add to the info in this thread, the Petty Charger kit pictured here DOES have all of the red on the decal sheet. 

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