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New on this Forum.I am a french modelman with 68 years of activity in Model Cars.

From the 1/24/25th kits when I was young,I go to the  1/43th scale in the sixties as official Model Man in the DINKY-TOYS company.

After some jobs in miniatures cars,I set up the Elegance society,with the specialisation of production 1/43th resine models.

Retired in 1999,I go on miniatures again for my pleasure in Rolls Royce and Cadillac models with the idea to work on big scale models..

It is what I do actualy and I started on a 1/18th Cadillac and a Duesenberg also at the 1/18th scale.

Sometime,I will post the WIP of my last work,sometime I will post the ready to show models.

Please,see the first 2 pics ( before and after ) of the Bette Davis' Cadillac Serie 60S Town Car from the MCG metal .

I hope that my english is understandable,thank you.



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Hi Claude !

Yep ! It's me !!! :P

I am very happy that you've joined the forums here too, so welcome ! . Lookijng forward with passion to see your skills of course, and your Cadillacs.  :)

I post mine in model cars, in the "under glass" section. See you there Claude !

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And I have four years on you ,I'm 78. Always nice to have more modelers joining these excellent forums.

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fat fingers
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