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Here is the old Chevrolet Titan that started out as a falling apart old built model. I cleaned it up and scavenged the missing parts to put it back together.  I wanted to keep it in as close to original as I could. This makes a total of six trucks and three trailers in my fleet.

Thanks for following. 







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15 minutes ago, Mr mopar said:

Cool the old kit with bus mirrors ....I wish AMT would have left them in the kit !

Yes, and in my sorting of parts I found an almost complete GMC Astro with turbine.  I compared all the pieces to the instructions and it all matches up. I also have a Junkyard dog in like condition.  I think these are headed to ebay. ?

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On 12/24/2020 at 11:28 AM, Sam I Am said:

Thanks everyone,  it is fun to save them when you can. I have a few from an old friend that I need to figure out how to scrub cooking grease off of without ruining them

Try using over cleaner or soaking them in super Clean to get the grease off. Of course this will remove the paint and chrome plating too.

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