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Thank you guys, glad you like it! So, what you're looking at isn't so much a build as a rebuild, from humble beginnings; FM diecast. I needed a break from heavy body work on some other projects. Here's what I did with this one, just for fun: 1) Grafted in Monogram 540K front suspension to lower the front, moving the axle line slightly forward and narrowing the track a little bit in the process, so the wheels are where they should be in the fenders. 2. Replaced the FM wheels and tires with Monogram parts, cleaning up the spokes with Molotow chrome and painting the treads with gray acrylic craft paint. 3. Cleaned up the chassis, sanding off the FM advertising from the gas tank, repainted the chassis in red like the full size car, detail painted everything. The Monogram wheels are nice in letting the red brake drums show through. 4. Repainted the interior using artist acrylic oils to represent leather, instead of as-cast butter yellow plastic. 5. detail painted the engine compartment, added an air filter mesh. 6. Adapted a  Johan top boot, replaced clunky FM spotlights and tail lights with delicate, more accurate Johan pieces. 7. The front bumper sat way too far forward, so I cut off the bumper brackets and made thinner, more realistic brackets from aluminum strip, and pulled the bumper in closer to the front tires, like the full size car. 8. Printed up some 1935 California license plates and called it good.     








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