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I really appreciate everyone’s comments here. I’ve added some checkered plate on the frame. Was able to see it in one of the pictures I have. I had a good weather day for painting and had the cab ready. I’ve also started work on the trailer and mocked up with the 15” wheels. I’m going to fill in the existing wheel openings and add some filler in front of the wheels. 

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Thanks Brian. 
My PE material for the stack shelf came in today to allow me to finish it. Also sprayed on a second coat of blue and have finished the trailer suspension change over for the 15” wheels. 

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Working on the sides now have the wheel openings and the added section on the bottom in place. Still have to add the stripes on the wheel openings sections to match the existing sides. 

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Thanks Carl I’m having fun with this one. 
Thanks Jeff. 
I’ve finally got the glass in with 3 attempts on the front windshield and some decals. 

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Yeah, this baby is coming together... Very nice work, thus far... I'm digging the new lines you put in... Those look pretty awesome... Excellent job.... The trailer looks good, too... Nice work on the wheels....

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Thanks Carl and Ken 

Thanks JT have you lost power? I’ve been out since 2AM. I was able to get some more progress on the cab and installed the doors on the trailer. To dark now for pictures. 

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Thanks Jeff I’ve found that if I sand the inside of the window and make a grove it helps. Flat windshields also help. 
Not much progress to post so far this week with out power and cold weather. 

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Thanks Ken. I’m having fun with this one. 
Back home now with power back on to. I’ve made the cab air defectors and have them ready for blue paint. I’ve also finished the sides of the trailer and getting ready for the blue paint. Then when my red, green and yellow paint arrives I will paint the stripes on. 


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