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I finished this one up about 10:00 PM December 31, so it is a 2020 build.  I've been waiting on some sunshine to take some outside photos, but it doesn't look like we are going to get a break in the clouds for a few more days, so these will have to do for now.  This is the 1/16 Revell kit, and it went pretty smoothly.  The yellow is Testor's Daytona Yellow lacquer over white prime and the blue is Tamiya Racing Blue T-51.  I know the tires should be sanded smooth, but the tires are pretty degraded by time, and I was fearful of sanding through them trying to remove the mold line.  I've been fortunate to see the real (or restored) car at the Don Garlics museum in Ocala, Florida and I have lots of pictures, so I used those as a guide on the colors.  The decals that come with the kit are, for the most part, the wrong color blue, especially when it comes to the striping, so I masked the bodywork and painted the blue, then cut the blue out of the decals and applied the red pinstripes on the top and lower side panels.  Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. 

Comments are welcome and THANKS for looking!!




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18 hours ago, jasoncamaro said:

@sflam123 awesome build ! Is there any chance you could pm me your pictures. I have this kit but I live in New Zealand so I unfortunately can’t get to Don Garlits museum 



Yes, I'll be glad to, but it will be a couple of days.


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