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K&R Kustom+Rods '32 5ive Window Rolling Bones Chopped Coupe

Kit Karson

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K&R Kustom+Rods '32 5ive Window Rolling Bones Chopped Coupe

Here's a great illustration/picture of a true chopped 5ive window coupe:


 Rolling Bones Chopped '32 5W Body Off

What we're going for is this chopped REVELL 1932 Five Window Coupe:



'32 5W Chop Job Right Side


'32 5W Chop Job Left Side


'32 5W Chop Job Right Rear


'32 Chopped 5 Window Cut & Paste - printed out a picture of the un-chopped body to get an idea of how deep the chop could be...


'32 Chopped 5 Window Back Lite Cuts #1


'32 Chopped 5 Window Back Lite Cuts #2


Second Cut the A Pillar


Third Cut the C Pillar to the Back Lite but not all the way through until the other side has been cut to the same point


Third Cut the C Pillar to the Back Lite Continued


Third Cut the C Pillar to the Back Lite Continued


First Cut the B Pillar


Finish the Back Cuts


Blacken the C Pillar Cuts for Sanding to Create a Flat Even Surface

Check your progress to make sure you do not remove too much material


Sand the Surfaces to Make Them Flat Even


Slowly Sand Down the C Pillar


Test Fitting again took out one more inch...


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Cut the A Pillars Right & Left


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Cut the A Pillars


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Seven Set Alignment Blocks to the inside of the Pillars


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Seven Back Lite Opening


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Seven Windshield Opening


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Seven Left Inside after the all of the seams have been glued with CA, the Alignment Blocks can be removed.


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Seven Right Side


'32 5W Chop Job - Step Seven Left Side


K&R Kustom+Rods '32 5ive Window Rolling Bones Chopped Coupe


K&R Kustom+Rods '32 5ive Window Rolling Bones Chopped Coupe


K&R Kustom+Rods '32 5ive Window Rolling Bones Chopped Coupe

Check our the entire build at link: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/rolling-bones-style/





X-ACTO Handle & Saw Blades.jpg

Test Fitting as you go.jpg

'32 5W Chop Job - Step Cut the A Pillars.jpg

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Thank you for posting this, I have a couple of extra 5 window bodies, now I can practice on one, you pictured a couple of different razor saws, are they different tpi or just different heights?

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I think even I could chop a top now, or at least be comfortable  trying. The pictures of the finished model look great.  

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The saw blades come in different depths & thickness' You'll want to take into consideration how much material you will be removing with just the thickness of the blade. Draging your #11 Exacto blade removes the least material!240062641_X-ACTOHandleSawBlades.jpg.963285c466108ef3c3d0d70ed11427ad.jpg

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3 hours ago, tim boyd said:

Kit,,,,really well illustrated and explained.  Thanks to you, more people will be tempted to do their own Chop Jobs, which is great for all of us...TIM 


Thanks! Coming from you... that is the best compliment I could have ever expected!! You have been one of my mentors and now that I have had the opportunity to experience, first hand what it takes to create hot rods in scale. It has become more important to share what we know with every modeler out there willing to learn and try new/old hot rod building methods that we've grown up with over the years. 


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The best bodywork I've seen on models ALWAYS looks so easy,  but this proves it needs a surgeon to do it well !

You should be DR Kit,  great explanation and very clear pics, thanks for sharing !


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That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!


Here's the key to the success of a step-cut chop: 

Alignment - Door Jambs/Seams - Temporary Alignment Blocks

Interlocking Parts - Fine tuning - Measuring, Filing & Sanding - Less Body Filler 

Surface Tension - Increased Friction & Gluing Surface

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Great tutorial Kit, the step by step photos along with the description makes it very clear. Also the need for thoughtful planning and proper technique is key to success. My one example is a long standing WIP of using a 5 window on the DD chassis, one day it’ll be complete. Cheers Misha






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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I chopped a 32 sedan BEFORE I read this thread, some really good tips I could have used.. hahaha..  but here it is..  I cut too much off the B pillars so it ended up being a 'wedge' chop, but it looks good. Randomly, and purely unintentional, the Orange Crate windshield frame fits perfectly in the opening. 

The trouble I'm having is filling the seams and not obscuring the details around the windows and lining up the door lines.  I did have to put a relief cut behind the A pillar, then notch the front to lean it back to meet the roof. 

It's not great, but it's not terrible, I may end up building this car. Thinking about a drag sedan with parts from the Revell Stone Woods & Cook Willys.



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I have cut a lot of tops over the last 60+ years and can testify that cutting them apart is the easy part .Skillfully re-assembling those pieces is a whole other thing with the restoring those pillars and posts the most tricky.

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