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1979 Ford Mustang Turbo Hatchback


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Here’s my first for 2021, a ‘79 Mustang Turbo Hatch. It’s from MPC’s first issue of the Fox Body, the Mustang Turbo Cobra kit. It took several attempts to score this kit from eBay... and I spent way too much for it ? but I am ecstatic to have an early Fox Body in my collection! The fit and detail on this kit is really nice, with only some minor trimming to get the body to mate the chassis properly. Unfortunately, the original Cobra decals were in poor condition so I just built it as the regular Turbo trim. It’s painted Tamiya X-7 red with XF-55 deck tan for the interior, and two coats of Future on the body. I’m very pleased with this one, hopefully I did this rare kit some justice!














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This is phenomenal, @StanGlover ! Such a clean build of such a rare kit. I salute you.

It's super rare to see one of these built or restored to factory specs, and this brings back so many great memories.

While it's always nice to see street machines and drag racers, nothing compares to a factory fresh build.

Fantastic work!

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Agree with the other comments.  Fox body Mustangs (factory stock) seem to be getting a little more respect these days.  I have a few unbuilt ones as collection would not be complete without a few Mustangs from the late 70’s through the early 90’s.  That first issue kit is the only one with the correct hood scoop for the. 79 Turbo Cobra.

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