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2 - 4 barrel carbs for 1/25 Ford 'Cammer' engine

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I don't know what brand-name carbs came on this Ford engine.  My resin 427 SOHC 'Cammer'  engine is 1/25 scale.  I think the carbs should be about 9mm or less in the greatest dimension.  Thank you.

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It should be Holley and the model is 4160 with vacuum secondarys, size 600 cfm or something like that, that style was what Ford used on the dual carb setups on the 427 wedge and I would think it could have been the case on the Cammer too.
You can find good representations of that type of carburetor in the AMT 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner custom and 2'n1 kits

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Fireball Modelworks has very nice and superbly detailed carburetors...in my opinion the best on the market so far.
These ones would be perfect for your application, they were used on other engines than Race Hemis too. ;)


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