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AMT 63 Galaxie Convertible Custom


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I finished up the interior today and got half of the side chrome done. Dash, center console arm rest, and custom steering wheel painted Testors' Revving Red. Rear seat backs highlighted with Testors' 1204 red. Flooring done with Kens fuzzy fur maroon flocking. The chrome was done with a molotow chrome pen. Dash buttons gloss white and gauge faces done with semi-gloss black.




The custom roof panels and rear glass came from another 63 Galaxie convertible I have. Body is also painted Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear.


I'll be using the flip upside glass on this.


The custom rear treatment comes from about three different custom treatments that came in the kit.


Kit supplied big bullet tail lights are glued to smaller round filler lights that have been BMF'd.



It's came a long way from when I first got it eh?

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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Interesting looking custom body parts. I don't recall ever seeing that roof treatment before and I like the rear window setup. The square steering wheel is in keeping with the time and theme of this model, they should have made it a little smaller in scale as it looks like it would hit the door when turning. I like the way you put the foil in the tail lights. 

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